Our First Practice  

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With the wedding finally behind us we now have some semblance of free time (as much free time as parents of a 7 month old have) and we made it a priority to head out to the Acheron Monday practice at Liberty Park.

When we arrived attendance seemed pretty slim, just a couple guys (in garb) with their equipment bags.  Loptr and Burke were completely welcoming and friendly and sharing of equipment and guidance to (very) green fighters.

I've always meant to learn some form of martial art, whether unarmed or armed, but never set aside the time for it.  I lived for about a year with a guy who trained in jujitsu for MMA matches and he gave me a few tips here and there but nothing extensive.  I was pretty much as green as they come.

Burke was good about explaining stances, a couple different guards, trying to get in multiple strikes when you go on the offensive, that you need to keep moving, and throwing shots from your hip rather than just your shoulder. It's tough, especially being so new to it all, to keep all of that in mind, but I like to think I picked up some of it.  I wish we'd remembered to pull out the camera to show my goofy ass flailing around.

Both Loptr and Burke were great about explaining things to my wife and going the rounds with her to give her a feeling for things as well.  They mentioned an Amtgard group that meets on Tuesdays and Saturdays at the park but she really does want hard hitting combat over finesse fighting.

We went two on two with another member that showed up (I'm sorry, I can't recall his name) and I got to try some Florentine style fighting which felt a little awkward but was still fun.  I got a few kills in, though I definitely died more.  I tasted my first good jaw-shot that still smarts but nothing I won't get over quickly.

All in all I would say we both enjoyed ourselves quite a bit and we're looking forward to making our own weapons to practice with.  I definitely look forward to meeting more guys from the realm and putting what Burke taught me into practice.  God I need to get in better shape as well.

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