First Attempt: Semi-Success  

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I've been meaning to post this for a while but we ended up diving into our local foam groups head first so finding time to post about it has been scarce.

I completed our first swords and took them to our second Belegarth practice.

Loptr hesitantly took a look at them, as first attempts are usually a little scary.  He was impressed with their construction, though the cores I used on them ended up being way too whippy.  I thought I was using 3/8 inch fiberglass but it was only 1/4 inch and probably not as good quality as some rods you can find.

They were still well enough made that he didn't mind us using them at practice.  There's a noticeable difference when switching between ours and others swords, in both weight and rebound after a strike.  They've been serviceable for practice at home so they weren't entirely a waste, and the kids will get great use out of them.

They've also help me learn the pitfalls of construction so I'm better prepared for my second attempt, dual 3/8 inch cores made from fencing post I found at a local ranch store.

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